Le Lapin Sauté

Served with a Side of Charm

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Lapin translates to rabbit, and it is indeed the specialty of the house. Duck dishes take a close second.

The menu offers French cuisine with a distinctive Quebecois flair. There’s rabbit pie, rabbit cassoulet, rabbit lasagna with camembert and a rabbit and duck duo.

The sampler picnic for two offers tasty fun and comes with paté-like rabbit rillettes, grilled vegetables, focaccia bread, Migneron cheese, smoked salmon, and salad ($32).

For dessert, sample yummy apple cake drizzled with velvety caramel.

It’s situated along touristy but charming rue Petit Champlain. There’s also an outdoor terrace that opens as soon as the weather warms up.

Young friendly attentive staff.

Written by
Steve Howell

At A Glance

52 Rue Petit Champlain
Dinner entrées $18 - $25.
Open daily for lunch and dinner; weekends for breakfast as well.


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