Latourell Falls

Stunning falls accessible from the old Columbia River Highway

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As you drive along the old Columbia River Highway you’ll come upon Latourell Falls consisting of an upper and lower fall. The falls plunge 224 feet over a wall of columnar basalt.  Latourell is recognized for the large patch of bright yellow lichen on the cliff face to the right of the falls.

The falls were named for Joseph Latourell, a settler of the area. In 1887 Joseph Latourell was named postmaster of the Rooster Rock Post Office, one of the first in the area. The falls were originally on the property of Guy W. Talbot, who donated the land and falls to the Oregon State Parks system in 1929.

You can view the falls from the road and parking area. There is a short paved path to a lookout below lower Latourell Falls.  You can 2.4 mile hike via a trail to see more of the falls.  There is also a nature path leading below the lower falls to Guy W. Talbot State Park.

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Guy W. Talbot State Park

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