Laniakea Beach

A great place to spot Hawaiian turtles

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The North Shore’s Laniakea Beach, also known as “Turtle Beach,” is almost a sure way to spot one of Hawaii’s green sea turtles (Honu). Some of the bigger ones can often be seen sunning themselves on the beach, or hanging out near the shore in the warm, shallow water looking for seaweed to munch on. It can get busy here, traffic-wise, so be patient and look for parking in a safe spot on the side of the road being sure to cross the street with care. The chance of seeing these green beauties increases when the tide is low, usually in the summer months on the north shore.

There are opportunities to learn about these majestic turtles – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has put up informational signs, and there are almost always volunteers providing information and making sure that the turtles are not bothered. Just remember, the Hawaiian green sea turtle has full protection under the federal Endangered Species Act and under Hawaii state law, so it is illegal to hunt, touch or harass them in any way. And why would you want to?

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574, 61-574 Pohaku Loa Way, Haleiwa,
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