Land’s End Inn

(Almost) beyond words

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Land’s End Inn is in a class by itself. I really can’t extol its virtues strongly or boldly enough. Not only does it command the most singular spot on all of Cape Cod (and perhaps New England), but it’s place in local history and its singularly eccentric style catapult it into rarefied air.

Provincetown’s most eclectic place to stay, the circa-1904 inn fits perfectly into this town of free spirits. Walking up the hidden path, and glimpsing the turrets, arches, and decks may pique your interest. But just wait until you step inside.

The inn is a visual feast – layer upon layer of Victoriana, woodcarvings, stained glass, floral wallpaper and Oriental rugs – lovingly arranged throughout the property’s 18 rooms. The bay tower room and Schoolman suite have the most spectacular views, but I’ve never seen a room here that didn’t hold my interest. Most rooms have access to decks. You’ll never forget the exuberant individuality of this one-of-kind inn.

A sizable breakfast buffet spread is set out each morning — enjoy it in the privacy of your room (and deck), one of the public decks, or at any number of sitting areas on the lawn.

In the afternoon, guests return home for bountiful wine and cheese. It’s as quiet and private (or as festive and party-ish) as you want.

All this is thanks to Stan and Eva Sikorski, who purchased the beloved property in 2012 and vow to retain its integrity and revered place in the community.

At A Glance

22 Commercial St
Open year-round.

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