Landlocked Forest

Awesome stealth singletrack

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A haven of green in otherwise built up, suburban world of office parks and malls. The 270 acres of land is
“Landlocked ” because of its location between Routes 3, 128, and 62 in Burlington. The property currently offers about 12 miles of trails.

These trails are best categorized as new school, mountain-biker built singletrack.  Not freeride trails, but singletrack with bridges over sensitive spots, some bermed turns, rock-armored trail in spots, switchbacks instead of gut-busting eroded climbs, and an easily understandable, numbered map.

While it isn’t the biggest park around, because of its small size, almost every inch is maximized, thought about, and accounted for. Loops are well-marked and color coded, covering the entire forest without offshoot trails that lead nowehere.

And while you’d expect a view of Malls and highways to be dreary, I find that it actually enhances the experience by reminding me what a treasure it is that I’m riding in!

One of my favorites.

At A Glance

turning mill road
Dawn to Dusk

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