Land Rover Tours with Indiana Gianna in Gargano, Puglia

Explore Foresta Umbra by Jeep

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Explore a part of Foresta Umbra that can only be accessed by land rover with this unforgettable tour. Indiana Gianni takes visitors on excursions through a canyon and a variety of landscapes to a hill-top with wildflowers and great views. Along the route you’ll see sights not usually seen by tourists.

The Standard Tour starts in the morning and usually includes a typical lunch at a small house with vineyards and citrus groves. Shorter afternoon or night tours can be arranged.

Gianni doesn’t speak English but the tour is still worthwhile even if you don’t speak Italian. You can contact him by email (in English) or you can ask your hotel to make the booking for you.
[email protected]

Video: Foresta Umbra with Indiana Gianni

At A Glance

71018 Vico Garganico
varies by length of tour


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