Lana‘i Culture and Heritage Center

Diverse and rich past

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Makethe Lana‘i Culture & Heritage Center, a gem of a museum your first stop on Lana‘i, well maybe after the golf course or the beach at Hulopo‘e Bay. Housed in the building that once was administration headquarters for Dole Pineapple Company, center exhibits focus on many Native Hawaiian artifacts found by archaeological investigation or dug up by field workers.

Native Hawaiians have lived on Lana‘i since about 1200 and have left evidence behind. Even hundreds of years ago, the island was arid and did not offer as much ease of living as Moloka‘i or Maui.

Lana‘i’s more recent agriculture past is well represented with many objects donated by Lana‘i families. It shows the island’s diverse and rich heritage from the many people who came here to work in the pineapple fields. Objects include lunch pails, eye protectors and work clothes. They bear testimony to many years of hard work that took place on Lana‘i during the 70 years that Dole raised pineapple here..

At A Glance

730 Lana‘i Ave.
Lana‘i City, Lanai
Donations appreciated

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