Lan Su Chinese Garden

An island of tranquility in the heart of Old Town

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Lan Su Chinese Garden stands like an urban oasis in the middle of Old Town/Chinatown. “Lan” stands for Portland and “Su” for Suzhou, which is Portland’s sister city in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. This Garden is based on one built in Suzhou during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Enter and stroll along covered walkways, bridges, open colonnades, pavilions and a richly planted landscape.

A visit to the Garden helps you delve deeper into the history and culture of China. The living collections at the Lan Su Chinese Garden present hundreds of native Chinese plant species and forms. But it offers more than gazing as there is tai chi, mahjong and music in the teahouse throughout the week. Weekly there are demonstrations of poetry and calligraphy, where you can bring home your favorite poem in beautiful, calligraphic script.

Public tours and audio tours are available. No pets allowed.

At A Glance

239 NW Everett Street
Portland OR 97219
$9.50 adults, $8.50 seniors, $7.00 students, five and under free

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