Lamar Valley

Where the wild things roam

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Lamar Valley is called “America’s Serengeti.” And for good reason. On the grasslands, bison herds remind us how the West once looked. In the hills, wolves give birth to pups that frolic around the dens. Elsewhere, bears scour the nooks for food, and bighorn sheep cluster near broken cliffs. If you want to watch wildlife, head to Lamar Valley for its diversity.

What makes the valley so good for wildlife watching? For one, trees cluster in the landscape in only a handful of places. That leaves plenty of wide-open meadows for spotting animals.

While you might get lucky enough to see wildlife cross the road, a pair of binoculars can aid in spotting animals in the distance. Along the road, clusters of people hover around spotting scopes. With their eyes to the lenses, they zoom close in on wolves or bears. If you hang out for a bit, they may even let you have a peek.

To drive Lamar Valley, aim for the Northeast Entrance Road (Hwy. 212) that connects Tower Junction with Cooke City, Montana. Between the Yellowstone River and the Absaroka Mountains, the road stretches through the length of the valley following the Lamar River.

At A Glance

Northeast Entrance Road
Wyoming 82190


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