Lake Yellowstone

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Lake Yellowstone is immense. In fact, it is the largest lake above 7,000 feet in North America. Partially in Yellowstone’s caldera and partly glacier carved, the 136-square-mile lake is flanked by the high Absaroka Mountains.

In spring, the lake remains locked with a wintry expanse of ice. Sometimes even into June. After the ice melts, the water retains frigid temperatures despite hot water pouring into the lake from geysers and hot pools.

At Lake Yellowstone, sightseers can take a tour boat from Bridge Bay. Anglers can fish for lake trout. Paddlers and boaters can camp overnight at quiet campsites in the remote southern arms. Also, drivers can tour along much of its scenic west shore on Grand Loop Road. From Fishing Bridge, the East Entrance Road cruises along some of the lake’s north shore.

For overnighting, Lake Yellowstone has several options. For the largest lodging, go to Lake Yellowstone Hotel, a National Historic Landmark. Lodging is also available at Lake Lodge and Grant Village Lodge. For camping, RVers can stay Fishing Bridge while RVers and tenters can camp at Bridge Bay.

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