Lake Medvejie

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Park at Herring Cove/Beaver Lake parking lot and continue past the traffic gate, down the gravel road for about an hour until you reach Medvejie Hatchery. This part of the trail is relatively uninteresting and can also be easily biked to cut down on travel time. From the hatchery, turn left by a creek and continue into the forest—the trail is tricky to find at first, but the hatchery staff usually don’t mind pointing hikers in the right direction. Across a bridge made out of a fallen log and down the overgrown path lies one of Sitka’s most beautiful lakes. Fed by mountain snow melt, it is set in the midst of a steep ring of mountains and has a first-come, first-served paddle boat for adventurers with a little more time.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1-2 hours from Medvejie Hatchery
Access from city center: Drive-up

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