Lake Lure

Let the lake lure you

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Lake Lure is aptly named,because it does entice you. The
highway runs right alongside the lake so you can’t miss it, and it is worth a
stop.  If you have time stop for fishing and boating.If you are pressed for
time, at least stop for a walk along the shoreline with its landscaped paths and

Locals like it as a vacation spot that offers a slightly different take on outdoor life. The
1500-acre lake offers good fishing and boating almost year-round. The lake also
has three
long bays, a seven-acre island and many small bays and inlets.
And of course, you have the tree-covered hills and mountains as a backdrop.

One of the things that makes Lake Lure so appealing is the
climate. It is located in Western North Carolina’s€ thermal belt€ making for
an unusually temperate climate for this part of the state.

And if Lake Lure looks familiar to you, it jut might be. This resort community was the backdrop for the movie “Dirty Dancing.” As a day trip, a visit to Lake Lure and Chimney Rock  are a great combination.

At A Glance

Lake Lure
North Carolina

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