La Turbie

The Trophy of the Alpes

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A Trophy for an Emporer

La Turbie would be an unexceptional hilltop village with an 18th century Baroque church on the Grande Corniche were it not for the fact that it is located on the Via Julia Augusta and has, at its centre, the amazing and truly monumental Trophy of the Alpes.

Following the victories of the legions sent by Emperor Augustus over the Celtic tribes of the region, the Romans commemorated their achievements in 6 BC by building a huge structure in the local white stone 49m/161ft high and 35m/115ft wide. It consisted of a platform 12m/39ft high on which stood a rotunda of 24 columns with Augustus perched on top.

Decline and a partial restoration

During the middle-ages the locals used it as a fortress and later as a stone quarry. A partial restoration means it now stands at a mere 35m/115ft high without the Emperor but a magnificent site nonetheless!

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