La Petite Grocery

Small storefront outside. Fine dining within.

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La Petite Grocery is a charming little restaurant with a confusing name.  The building was originally a small storefront built in the late 1800’s.  Over the years it has housed a number of shops specializing in items from butter and coffee to flowers.  In March 2004, however, it was transformed into its newest incarnation.  From the outside La Petite Grocery appears to be a simple neighborhood joint.  Step inside though and find a lovely mix of fine dining and friendly surroundings.  The tables are small and well spaced.  And the food is amazing.  Start with the blue crab beignets.  A savory take on this New Orleans dessert they are light and stuffed full of meat.  For dinner the turtle bolognese gets great reviews.  It is served over long bucatini pasta with a fried soft boiled egg.  Finish it off with a Toasted Sesame Peach Tart or a Chocolate Peanut Bar, made with Caramel and Smoked Mascarpone Ice Cream, and leave already planning your next trip to the so-called grocery.

At A Glance

4238 Magazine St
New Orleans LA 70115
504 891 3377
Dinner entrees range from $24 to $34


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