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Boulangerie patisserie artisanale

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There are a string of good restaurants that run along Kamphaeng Phet Road behind the Samsen train station and on Set Siri Road, which intersects it. There is also this authentic artisanal boulangerie and pâtisserie that really stands out. In the window are croissants, baguette, and breads that make you wonder if you’re in Paris.

Everything is made with sourdough rather than yeast. No chemicals are used, and the methods are traditional and artisanal. Curiously, this bakery is Korean. Their croissant must be the best in town — a plain one is 70 baht. The baguette is exceptional; order a demi sliced with espresso (70 baht) or cappuccino (85 baht).

The pâtisseries are many of the classic you would find in France: tarte aux poires, mille-feuille à la vanille, tarte aux caramel et noix, and are all about 160 baht. One treat that reflects the local preference is honey toast with ice cream. The shop has a pretty garden in back and free WiFi.

Samsen train station
Hours: 7am-9pm every day

At A Glance

Kamphaeng Phet 5 Road south of Set Siri Road
095 962 0300

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