La Maddalena Archipelago

Town and Island in a Marine Reserve Archipelago

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La Maddalena is the only town on the island of La Maddalena in the northern archipelago between Sardinia and Corsica. Ferries connect it to Palau, on Sardinia’s northern coast, and to the Corsican port of Bonifacio. La Maddalena is a pretty town with a lovely marina and seaside promenade full of delicious sea food restaurants and little shops.

The town is the starting point for boat trips to visit the marine reserve archipelago of La Maddalena with the fantastic little islands of Budelli, known as the pink beach because of the bright color of the sand on the shore, and Santa Maria with villas that are the secluded retreats of famous Italians such as the actor Roberto Benigni.

La Maddalena is connected by a narrow causeway, called il Passo della Moneta, to the second largest island of the archipelago, the natural park island of Caprera, where there is the museum house “Compendio Garibaldino” and tomb of the Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi.

From the town you can also have a panoramic tour of the fantastic beaches of Lo Spalmatore and Bassa Trinità.

In the town there is an interesting museum, Museo Navale Lamboglia, where the cargo with Roman amphorae and other Roman finds from a shipwrecked Roman vessel are displayed.

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la Maddalena


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