La Chapelle-Thècle

Site of two RAF crashes during WWII

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On April 24th 1944 an Avro-Lancaster bomber crashed in the hamlet of Le Petit Bordey, killing six crew members. There was one survivor. Near the crash site is a memorial. The plane crashed behind the farm houses in front of the memorial.

A yearly commemoration takes place in front of the well maintained memorial.

Easiest way to find the memorial is to drive into La Chapelle-Thècle. Follow signs for Bordey, then Le Petit Bordey. Lastly, the memorial is next to a pond.

The second crash took place on September 4th 1944. A fighter plane with one aboard crashed landed in the eastern part of the village. The injured pilot was taken by locals to a nearby farm house where he lunched with a family.

A few hours later a French doctor gave him medical attention. Following this, Americans soldiers came and took him to a local hospital.

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