La Brigue

The centre of Primitive Artworks

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This pretty mountain village did not join France with the rest of Nice County in 1860. Like nearby Tende, it remained part of Italy up till 1947.

A small detour

La Brigue, located north of Saorge in the valley of the River Levense a tributary of the Roya and just off the Roya Valley road. Surrounded by high rocky cliffs. La Brigue is an ideal base from which to explore the nearby Mercantour and the Arrière Pays Niçois.

The main feature of the village is the 15th century Collégiale St Martin with its Romanesque bell-tower. It is here you can view the village collection of Primitive Art. Nearby are the two Penitents’ Chapels with their Baroque façades.

Don’t miss: the ruins of the Château which used to belong to the Lords of Lascaris-Vintimille.

At A Glance

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