town dramatically sited on an escarpment, and Albania's centre for antiques and curios

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As you approach Kruja and look up at the town perched high on an escarpment you’ll understand immediately why the Albania hero of resistance against the Ottomans built his castle here.

The castle can still be explored, together with the ‘Historical Museum’ designed in mock-castle style by Enver Hoxha’s daughter. There is also an interesting Ethnological Museum.

But a more interesting way to engage with the items you’ll see in the Ethnological Museum is to explore the antiques and curios shops which line the old bazaar. You’ll need to pick through made-in-China plastic in many places, but this is the best place to pick up embroidered rugs, pieces of elaborate traditional costume, intricate old silver filigree jewellery, books about the regime and other authentic souvenirs.

The town is accessible by bus but you should check that the destination is Kruja town and not the ‘Fushe Kruja’ plain below. If you can’t find anything going up to Kruja itself you may need to get a local bus/ furgon minivan/ taxi from Fushe Kruja

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