Kreis’ Steakhouse

Monster-sized Prime Rib

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This St. Louis classic has been family-owned since 1948 and a part of multiple generations of family celebrations. You’ll find the owners on the floor, tending to their guests, every night of the week.

The prime rib is big enough to feed a family and so tender. The double baked potatoes are legendary here, as is the carrot cake for dessert.

Looking for a respected appetizer? Try the crab cakes. They were favorites of the late, great Stan Musial who frequented Kreis’.

Be sure to visit the downstairs dining room to admire the hand-carved wooden boat collection, made by a guy in the Missouri Ozarks.


At A Glance

535 S. Lindbergh
St. Louis
(314) 993-0735
for the Prime Rib Extra cut
Open 7 nights a week about 5 PM til about 10 PM


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