The Konteka Black Bear Resort

Sometimes bears come in from the woods for a snack

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You can tell when the bears come for a bite to eat; everyone in the restaurant gets up and rushes to the windows to look.

It doesn’t always happen, but often enough for diners to go there hopeful. The restaurant staff helps increase the odds by putting food out for the bears. Yes, they’re wild – they come in from the woods from time to time. Visitors watch from inside the building.

The restaurant is part of the Konteka Black Bear resort: restaurant/bar, motel, small bowling alley, convenience store, gas pumps. “Konteka” comes from the Chippewa language and indicates “plentiful eat and drink.”

It a pretty typical U.P dining set-up – that is, casual. The soup/salad bar offers a nice selection of items, including popcorn salad. Yes, with popped popcorn. Entrees include steak, chicken, ribs – with the possibility of a combination of, for example, steak and shrimp. Friday night has a fish fry, Saturday night prime rib, Sunday brunch buffet.

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At A Glance

400 Main St.
White Pine Michigan 49971


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