a funky Communist-themed 'cafe-museum' in Tirana

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You might not expect a Communist-themed cafe to be either so vibrant or so friendly, but Komiteti is a celebration of the best of daily life under the regime. Waiters in Communist era uniforms will be happy to explain any of the clutter of exhibits and framed memorabilia which cover walls and every surface.

The cafe also has a wonderful range of raki, including unusual flavours such a blackberry and cinnamon. If you ask nicely they’ll pour you a thimble of one of the warming liqueurs kept in decanters behind the bar and tell you how it was made at home during the regime.

Light snacks and pastries are served – on vintage crockery.

At A Glance

Rr Papa Gjon Pali (afer ETC)
069 262 5514

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