Koh Surin

National Park island paradise

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Koh Surin remains pristine and one of Thailand’s most beautiful island paradises, mainly due to its status as a real national park, where no development other than the park services is allowed. As the island is spared day trip traffic unlike the Similans, it is tranquil here, and with the only accommodations being either the few park bungalows or else camping, it has a visitor limit and only gets really crowded during holiday periods, when lots of Thai students descend on the campgrounds.

Due to shallow coral reefs, one can see here snorkelling what one normally would have to dive for, so this is a popular activity, and park boats take visitors out every day several times. Additionally, the Surin islands are home to the unique Mokken sea gypsies, famed for their deep sea diving prowess, and several communities still live quite traditionally on some of the islands here, and tours are available. Other activities here include kayaking and hiking, and the islands are home to prolific birdlife as well.

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Mu Koh Surin National Park, Khura Buri District
Khura Buri Phang Nga 82150
076 472145

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