Kilauea Point National Wildlife Reserve

Nesting albatross, amazing views, and a science lesson too

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Shorebirds migrate through Kaua’i each year, creating a spectacle for bird lovers. The most dramatic (and educational) place to see shearwaters, red-footed boobies, nenes, great frigates, and the great Laysan albatross is Kilauea Point.

Just the walk out to the windswept point, passing cliffs housing mating birds swooping into the brilliant sea is enough for most visitors. However, it is worth peeking into the 1913 lighthouse to possibly check out the massive clamshell lens.

Volunteers lead hikes and are a wealth of information about the mating habits of albatross.

At A Glance

3500 Kilauea Lighthouse Road
Kilauea 96754

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