Khone Phapheng

Laos' best waterfall

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Khone Phapheng are Laos’ most dramatic and largest waterfalls. Created from a series of raging rapids that all funnel together at one point, just north of the Cambodian border, the amount of water here is pretty stunning, and it is well worth joining a tour to check it out. Everybody comes here from Don Det and Don Khon, but as the falls require getting back to the mainland and going towards the border, there isn’t much transport, so most people need to join a tour. Some of the cross border trips heading to Siem Reap stop here on the way, so it is worth enquiring about. There are also tours that do some kayaking to check out the Irrawaddy dolphins before coming to the falls, which is another great option.

At A Glance

Mekong River, Lao Cambodia border

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