Khmer Kitchen restaurant

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An insider recommendation.  One of two restaurants bearing the same name.  The original, and the most popular, is located across from the old market on Street 11.  The other is found on the pedestrian alley that parallels Pub Street on its southeastern side.  Great value Cambodian cuisine including slow cooking tasty barbecue pork spare ribs, chicken wings and beef stripes:  served with salad and fries.  Khmer beef curry, which is not overly spiced, fish amok, lok lak – stir fried meat in a rich lime accented gravy – fresh spring rolls, pumpkin and coconut soup are stand-outs. Anchor draft beer and wines are recommended.  Average price per dish is US$5, and beers are US$1.50.  Honest food, friendly service.  A great meal out.  Open until 9pm. You usually have to wait to get a table.

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Street 11, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

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