Khan Murjan Souk

Lavish modern recreation of legendary Arabian souk

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Off the many faux-Arabian souks that have sprung up across the city in recent year, Khan Murjan is one of the best. Taking its inspiration from the legendary Khan Murjan Souk in fourteenth-century Baghdad, the development comprises two underground levels packed with well over a hundred little handicraft shops and intricately decorated in Arabian Nights style with colourful tilework, delicately carved wooden balconies, and dozens of enormous Moroccan lanterns.

It’s far from authentic, of course (no traditional souk was ever this studiously pretty – or spotlessly clean), but it’s hard not to enjoy the lavishness of the detail. It’s also one of the best places in the city to pick up old-fashioned Arabian souvenirs – anything from traditional robes and jewellery to musical instruments and waterpipes – albeit at relatively high prices. The beautiful courtyard Khan Murjan restaurant at the centre of the souk is an excellent spot to sample a range of regional cuisines.

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