Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Magic for the senses

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Walking into the gardens under glass in this tasteful tropical conservatory, you’ll feel like you’ve wandered into a cheerful animated movie. Live butterflies drift past as tropical songbirds chirp and the strains of classical music fill the air. It’s a mesmerizing place, a relaxing space to just sit, watch, and listen.

Artist Sam Trophia dreamed of a Victorian flower garden that evoked the sensory magic of an animated scene. It’s now reality at this half-acre tropical forest under glass, where clouds of butterflies drift past as you stand and watch.

Music adds to the sensory feast as you watch blue morphos, giant swallowtails, and heliconias settle down and nibble on slices of fruit. Tiny colorful birds – honeycreepers, speckled tanagers, and paradise tanagers – flit about in search of fruit.

In the Wings of Imagination Gift Shop, one room is devoted to the art of butterflies, where Trophia’s creations include mounted butterflies that swirl like luminescent galaxies.

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1316 Duval St
Key West 33041
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