Kertha Gosa

Hall of Justice

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Cost: Adult Rp12,000
Child Rp6,000 Parking Rp1000 8am-4pm

Kertha Gosa, also known as the Hall of Justice, sits in the corner of the Klungkung Palace compound. Historically it was the court where three Brahmin priests presided and settled the utes which could not be settled at a local level.  The ceilings of the open sided structure are covered with paintings that depict the gruesome punishments to be exacted in the afterlife upon commission of such crimes as adultery, gossiping, neglecting children, treachery or disrespecting elders.

Those waiting to be judged were able to see the ceiling and reflect upon what was in store for them. The paintings are in traditional Klungkung style and worth seeing for their own sake but you will get even more out of the experience if you have a guide who can explain their meaning.

At A Glance

Semarapura Kelod, Klungkung Sub-District,
Klungkung Bali 80761

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