Kenmore Square & Fenway

Fenway? Which Fenway?

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Say “I took the Fenway through Fenway to get to Fenway.” Any Bostonian understands that you drove on a road along a park through a neighborhood on your way to a ball game. Confused? When you really stop and think about it, what is a “fenway” anyway?

“Fens” is an Old English word describing a flat, marshy area, which is exactly what this neighborhood used to be. Frederick Law Olmsted transformed the marsh into a lovely park (Fenway), with a scenic road alongside (The Fenway). The park lent its name to a neighborhood (Fenway) and a ball park (Fenway Park).

The Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood is an eclectic mix of Boston icons — the famous glowing Citgo sign, for one — and cultural touchstones such as the Museum of Fine Arts and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It’s also a hub of educational institutions, including parts of Boston University, Northeastern University, Berklee College of Music and MassArt.

The boundaries of Kenmore Square & Fenway are Storrow Drive, the Massachusetts Turnpike, Huntington Avenue and Fenway.

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