Cheap curry and designer fakes

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This low-rent inner city suburb is one of the best places to come in Dubai if you want to get a feel for life in the metropolis away from the five-star hotels and luxury developments. The area is home to the sort of people who provide the city with much of its low-skilled labour, from Indian taxi drivers to Filipina maids, and has a genuine buzz and unpretentious street life which is sometimes missing from other parts of the city.

Most people visit to shop in the famous Karama Souk, the major centre for Dubai’s flourishing trade in designer fakes. It’s also worth exploring the surrounding streets, stuffed with dozens of no-frills curry houses (some of the best in the city), and the adjacent Karama Park, usually busy with dozens of simultaneous cricket matches. Just past here you’ll find the district’s main road, Kuwait Street, lined with neon-lit shops and usually packed with shoppers after dark.

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