Kapi’€˜olani Park

A green oasis in Waikiki

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At the foot of Diamond Head sits the nearly 170 acres of a beautiful, green, open space known as Kapi‘olani Park. It is bordered by three main roads: Kalakaua Avenue, Paki Avenue, and Monsarrat Avenue. The park also includes the grassy area across the street (beach front), The Honolulu Zoo and one of O‘ahu’s most popular concert venues, The Waikiki Shell. It’s a perfect place to have a picnic, read a book under a tree, go for a walk around (1.8 miles around the perimeter), or take a snooze.

Each weekend, local artists showcase their work by hanging it on the fence of the Zoo and local craftsmen display their creations at various stands at the top of the park (the end closest to Waikiki). And every month features at least one major festival, such as the Korean Festival, Ukulele Hawaii Festival, Hawaiian Slack Key Festival, and the Okinawan Festival.

Ample free parking is available along all three sides of the park, including a large parking lot on Monsarrat Avenue, but about 1/3 of it is metered.

At A Glance

2805 Monsarrat Avenue
Honolulu 96815
Free (Note: The Honolulu Zoo and The Waikiki Shell charge admission fees)
Always Open

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