Kaldi’s Coffee Shop

Fair Trade Coffee

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This is the original of what is now 9 Kaldi Coffee shops in St. Louis. The chain has expanded across Missouri, and with a few in Atlanta.

The yummy pastries are all made in house, and the scones are made from scratch.

And there’s grilled cheese or PB&J sandwiches for the kids.

And you can rest assured that the coffee bean growers in Third World nations have been paid fairly for their product. That’s what the Free Trade label is all about.

Are you not yet into the whole coffee culture thing? Or you think you are but want to learn more without any judgement or pressure?

Attend one of the Friday afternoon cupping events at Kaldi’s Education Center at 700 St. Bernard’s Lane, and take a tour afterwards to see what goes into making a great cup of coffee.


At A Glance

700 DeMun Ave.
(314) 727-9955
7 days a week from about 7 AM until about 10 PM


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