Kakabeka Falls

The Niagara of the North

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-Kakabeka Falls [Drive 30 minutes west  along highway 11/17 ] First Nations legends and names still abound in the Thunder Bay area. The Kaministiquia River flows past Old Fort William and the city of ThunderBay and into Lake Superior. But here one half hour outside ThunderBay  it plunges  over a 40 metre sheer cliff  creating  Kakabeka Falls – often referred to as “the Niagara of the North.” Legend has it Ojibway princess, Green Mantle, saved her people by leading invading Sioux warriors over the falls.  Her spirit lingers in the mist as a rainbow and the warrior’s cries can be heard in the roaring waters.

In the visitor centre ask to see the boardroom and the impressive mural of voyageurs portaging around the falls.  You can make a similar trek by hiking the Mountain Portage Trail.
Best time to see the falls is during the spring run-off or early summer.

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