MGM Grand€'s heart-pounding Cirque du Soleil show

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This martial arts–inspired Cirque du Soleil spectacular performed on a rotating stage and suspended moving platforms might just blow you away. You don’t even need to buy expensive tickets to get a close-up of all the action, because even the cheap nosebleed seats can give you dead-on views of the aerialists. VIP seats have built-in speakers, making the 90 minutes of nonstop action more thunderous.

Oh, the plot? Something about twins, fate, magic and the fight between good and evil, but you probably won’t be paying attention – the special effects and acrobatics are mesmerizing. For showstopping Cirque du Soleil antics, Kà may be the best ticket in town.

Children under age 5 are not allowed to attend this show.

At A Glance

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
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