Käfer Dachgarten

Restaurant in the Reichstag

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A unique location on the roof of the Reichstag with wide-open views of eastern Berlin sells this
restaurant well before the food. A reservation here means you get to use the side entrance and avoid the longer lines at the front, making this a good spot for breakfast (around €20) at the start of a day’s sightseeing.

Later in the day this restaurant, run by a Munich-based delicatessen, specializes in gourmet versions of traditional German dishes. Lunches tend to be light and simple; with meatballs, salads, steaks and sausages on the menu. Dinners are far more ambitious with such dishes as fried duck with scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and chestnuts; or quail breasts – crisped perfectly on the outside, yet soft on the inside – served with an odd but enjoyable asparagus and strawberry salad.

Given the location in a prime tourist attraction, it’s mostly visitors to Berlin that grace the restaurant’s sleek and timeless interior, but in truth the food justifies a visit by anyone.

Reservations required at least 24hrs in advance (with full names and birth-dates of all attending – for security purposes).

At A Glance

Reichstag Dachgarten, Platz der Republik 1
030/22 62 990

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