Jumeirah Mosque

Insightful tours of Dubai's most beautiful mosque

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Standing proud at the north end of the Jumeirah Road, the Jumeirah Mosque is one of the finest in Dubai, built in 1979 in quasi-Fatimid (Egyptian) style, and with a pair of soaring minarets rising high above the surrounding suburban sprawl.

It’s also the only mosque in Dubai which is open to non-Muslims, thanks to the popular one-hour tours run by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Tours allow visitors to explore the mosque’s richly decorated interior, whilst local Emirati guides explain some of the basic tenets of Islamic worship before throwing the floor open to questions about the traditional culture and customs of Dubai – which might cover anything from religious practice during Ramadan to the important question of how local Emiratis manage to keep their dishdashas so white.

At A Glance

Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah
(04) 353 6666
Tours (lasting 1hr) Sat-Thurs at 10am; under-5s not allowed

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