Jorvik Viking Centre

A journey back in time

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The Jorvik Viking Centre is one of the most popular visitor attractions in York. This video may whet your appetite.

When the modern Coppergate shopping centre was being built, there were archaeological excavations, as is always usual before building projects in York. Archaeologists found extensive remains of a Viking settlement in the area below. It provided a rich source of information about everyday life of the Scandinavians in York.

Jorvik Viking Centre was created underground by the Archaeological Trust on the site of this exciting discovery. The 1000-year old items found there show the origins of the Vikings and how they lived in what they called Jorvik. The dig continued for five years, and during that time the innovative visitor centre was designed. A background video describes the development of the centre.

Visitors are taken on a ten minute ride in an electric gondola thorough a careful recreation of the settlement, with the sounds, language and smells (!) of the village adding to the experience.

A small museum rounds off your visit with displays about Viking York and the history of the excavation.

Following flooding of the area in the winter of 2015, the centre closed for two years. After extensive refurbishment it opened again in April 2017.

One of the most popular attractions of York, Jorvik gets busy in summer months. So arrive early or pre-book and queue-jump (£1 charge).
2. In your seat, you can choose an audio guide for children or in several foreign languages. (The buttons are on the front of your car.)
3. For repeat visits over a year buy the annual Pastport which also includes all YAT attractions (DIG, Barley Hall, Richard III experience, Henry VII experience).

Allow about an hour

NEARBY Cliffords Tower, Castle Museum, Fairfax House, All Saints Pavement;
Spurriergate Centre, Rustique restaurant

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