John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub

Live Celtic Music 7 Nights a Week

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If you sailed the seven seas with John D. McGurk, then you’re truly Irish, but if you enter this bar and say you’re friends with John, well, you’re not gonna score any points.

McGurk is a fictional character in an Irish song, often sung at closing at the classic St. Louis pub in Soulard. The owners are Irish and each month a different Irish band comes to St. Louis to play.

Of course, there’s no better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The menu includes lots of good Irish fare – Gaelic steak, Wicklow forest mushrooms, Guiness Stew and Potato Soup.

For dessert – Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecake or Whiskey Bread Pudding.

And take a few minutes to appreciate the garden here. It puts on a pretty good show.

A second location is now open in O’Fallon at 108 Main Street, but this spot in Soulard remains the classic Irish pub for St. Louisans.


At A Glance

1200 Russell Blvd.
St. Louis
(314) 776-8309
for an entree and pint
11 AM until the wee hours 7 nights a week


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