JFK in and around Hyannis

A "compound" and a memorial

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JFK Memorial, 480 Ocean Street, Hyannis => The fountain, behind a large presidential seal mounted on a high stone wall, is inscribed: “I believe it is important that this country sail and not sit still in the harbor.” There is a nice view of Lewis Bay from here.

Kennedy compound => It was at Malcolm Cottage that JFK learned he’d been elected president; at Malcolm Cottage that Jacqueline and the president mourned the loss of their infant son; at Malcolm Cottage that the family mourned the deaths of the president and Bobby Kennedy; at Malcolm Cottage that Senator Edward Kennedy would annually present his mother with a rose for each of her years; at Malcolm Cottage that matriarch Rose Kennedy died in 1995 at the age of 104 …

And it was at Malcom Cottage in 2009 where the clan gathered to transport Senator Kennedy’s body from his beloved Cape Cod to services at the JFK Library in Boston (before he was interred in Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC, next to his brothers). Although Kennedy sightings are rare, the Kennedys are still Hyannis’s number one “attraction.”

In 2012 the main house was donated to the Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate and will eventually be open to the public as an education center and museum.

If you drive or walk around this stately area, you’ll see nothing but high hedges and fences. Those who can’t resist a look-see will be far better off taking a boat tour; some boats come quite close to the shoreline and the white frame houses.

Around town => St. Francis Xavier Church, 347 South Street. When Rose Kennedy’s clan was in town, they worshiped here. The pew used by JFK is marked with a plaque, while the altar is a memorial to JFK’s brother, Lieutenant Joe Kennedy Jr., killed during World War II. In 1986, Maria Shriver and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were wed here.

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