JFK Hyannis Museum

A small, spare tribute to JFK

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The small JFK Hyannis Museum has provided an intimate portrait of the Kennedy family, bathed in homey Camelot hues, since 1992. Nearly 100 photos sketch out JFK’s life on the Cape from 1931 to 1963. A video stitches together home movies of those charmed, early years, and a moving statue forecasts a future that could never be: JFK walking on the beach with his grown son, John, Jr.

Outside is a large sculpture of JFK wading through dune grass. Some may find the museum spare, others look upon it as representational of the simplicity the Kennedys sought from their jaunts to the Cape. For a more comprehensive (and political) repository of JFK memorabilia, visit the eponymous museum in Boston.

While you’re at the Hyannis museum visit the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame, located in the same building, where you can get a gander at more than 100 years of some of the finest amateur wielders of the wooden bat in the country.

At A Glance

397 Main Street
Open year-round except closed in Jan.

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