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Warning: You will get wet when you travel with Jet Boat Adventures. As in totally soaked. As in don’t-bring-your-cell-phone-or-camera WET. Because that’s the real purpose of this 50-minute ride. Yes, the drivers will take you past various formations in the Upper or Lower Dells and give you brief explanations. But mainly they’ll be revving the boat’s 1,200 hp engine and speeding down the river, then slamming on the brakes to do 180s and “power stops,” which cause a wall of water to surge over the boat — and onto you.

The ride is refreshing on a hot summer day. At first. Initially, the 180s and power stops are on the mild side, resulting in a light misting. But once the driver intensifies the speed and braking, the water falls in sheets. Not everyone becomes soaking wet. But if you do, you will become chilled pretty quickly when the boat starts speeding down the river. Just an FYI.

Your driver boasts he won’t pass out postcards in exchange for tips, like other Dells guides do. But then he’ll suggest you tip him. Don’t feel obligated. But there’s nothing wrong with tossing him a few bucks, either, if you had a great time.

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