Jardins d’Eyringnac

The gardens of the Manoir d'Eyringnac

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Eyringnac gardens near Salignac-Eyvigues, between Lascaux and Sarlat, were first laid out during the 18th Century by the Marquis de la Calpenède but many changes have been made before taking their present form under the current owner. The garden is a historic monument and occupies a 10 ha site.

A splendid mix of Tuscan topiary and the formal French style, the gardens are replete with evergreen trees, grassy paths and yew. This all helps to make Eyringnac officially one of the ‘Plus Beaux Jardins de France’

The new Jardin des Sources (Garden of the Water Sources) with its flowers and fruits is the most recent addition to the ensemble. The Jardin Blanc, or white garden, lined with white roses has five pools representing the five senses is also a fairly recent addition, while the well established Jardin Français and the Allée des Charmes are spectacular and add to the overall effect of this magnificent garden in the heart of the Périgord Noir.

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