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Ro Ho En, the name of Phoenix’€™s Japanese Friendship Garden, is a combination of three Japanese words. Ro means œheron,€ the bird symbol of Himeji, one of Phoenix’€™s sister cities since 1976. Ho is the Japanese word for the Phoenix bird. En means garden. It’€™s a fitting name for the 3.5-acre garden in downtown Phoenix. Landscape architects from Himeji made 60 trips here to ensure that the garden and tea house were as authentic as our climate would permit.

The general admission of $7, during normal hours, allows you to explore the grounds, including the Koi pond and the more than 50 varieties of plants. You can visit for free, though, on the first Friday of every month. The garden remains open from 4pm to 7pm (or dusk) in conjunction with First Fridays.

Due to the heat, the garden is closed during the summer from July through September.

At A Glance

1125 N. 3rd Ave.
Phoenix 85003
Free on first Friday of the month, 4-7pm. General admission: $5.

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