International Spy Museum

History, gadgets and the secret world of spies

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Real life whodunnits are the subject of this espionage museum. Along with showcasing more than 200 spy gadgets, the International  Spy Museum details the shadow world of espionage.

Test your mettle by fingering disguised felons, breaking secret codes, and discovering audio “bugs” as innocuous looking as a stray strand of hair on suit jacket.  Although a few galleries in the museum suffer from too much text and too few hands-on items,  overall adults and kids really like the museum.

Tips:  Sign-up ahead of time for one of the museum’s special experiences. Operation Spy’s  code names, clever sound effects and engaging stage sets make this spy experience fun. Ages 12 and older. With Spy in the City, take to streets to foil the bad guys by searching for clues.  Ages 10+

At the museum shop, buy edible paper so you can eat your words, an ultraviolet pen for writing secret messages revealed only by the attached flashlight, as well as other gadgets.

At A Glance

800 F Street, NW
Washington, DC Washington, DC 20004


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