A Taste of Scandinavia

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Ingebretsen’s has been a bastion of all things Scandinavian since 1921. Originally called the Model Meat Market, the business catered to the Scandinavian immigrants who clustered near Lake Street upon arrival in Minneapolis. Those Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, Danes, and Icelanders eventually scattered to other parts of the city and suburbs but have remained loyal to Ingebretsen’s.

Traditional Scandinavian Food

As with previous generations, these fair-haired folk return to Ingebretsen’s for specialty foods and other merchandise that are an important part of their cultural traditions, especially during the Christmas season. Nowhere outside of Scandinavia will one find such an extensive selection of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish sausages along with many other meat and fish products. Ingebretsen’s sells hundreds of pounds of its famous Swedish meatball mix and the gravy to serve with it, along with lingonberries on the side for color.


Ingebretsen’s is also the place for that odd yet enduring specialty, lutefisk. For those unfamiliar with one of the more unusual (and to many, unappealing) Twin Cities foods, lutefisk is dried cod, usually from Norway, that is rehydrated in a mix of chemicals. The process results in a gelatinous white fish that many claim is tasty when baked and topped with butter.

You’ll also find cases of imported cheese and specialty Scandinavian deli items made here daily. Rows and rows of colorful boxes, cans and jars of imported delicacies fill the surrounding shelves. A giant wooden Viking statue oversees the whole operation.

Ingebretsen’s Beyond the Food

If you’re not in the hunt for food, the gift shop side of the store offers an aray of lovely Scandinavian merchandise including porcelain, jewelry, linens and needlework. Uff da!

At A Glance

1601 E. Lake Street
Minneapolis MN 55407


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