Indiana Caverns

Indiana's longest cave

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Part of the Binkley Cave System, Indiana Caverns is Indiana’s longest cave and ranks 7th in length in the United States. With over 40 miles of passages, Indiana Caverns has the largest collection of Ice Age bones in the state.

A tour of the cave starts with a short movie that sets the stage for a walk down a long set of steps into the deep recesses of the cave. A tour guide leads along walkways past bones of bears, birds and other animals who made it into the cave but never out. Cave formations cast shadows along its walls and the walking part of the tour ends at a boat launch. Here visitors ride along an underground river. Only part of this cave has been explored and more is being discovered. For those who really want to get muddy, there are crawl experiences through narrow recesses and into large caverns that are more adventuresome–and required more endurance–than the somewhat sedate walking and boating tour.

It also hosts a wide variety of living spaces or habitats for a vast variety of animals.  For example water habitats in Binkley vary from deep cave rivers where countless cavefish live to shallow pools of water created by dripping formations and are home to tiny crustaceans.

Fun activities for kids include the Cavern of the Sabertooth—don sturdy caver’s helmet and light and gloves (provided as part of admission) and enter
through the sabertooth skull on you hands and knees, crawling underground nearly 400 feet and crawl past the Sabertooth’s Lair filled with golden skulls and more.

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1267 Green Acres Drive SW
Corydon 47112

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