Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park

Native American living history

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This little valley once accommodated the Miwok Indians. Here, you can see marbleized limestone with 1,185 mortar holes and a number of petroglyphs. Ancient Miwok women used the holes to grind acorns, and today Native Americans gather here to celebrate acorns throughout the year, with music, dancing, and food—the biggest bash being the Native American Big Time Celebration the last weekend in September.

Visit the Chaw’se Regional Indian Museum to view Native American artifacts. You can also tour the reconstructed Miwok village. And if you are really inspired, you can tent camp or stay in an u’macha’tam’ma—these are bark houses where you’ll need to haul all your gear, food, and water 200 yards, to get deep into the ancient Native American ways. Hike the North or South trails to explore the oak environment. To camp here, reserve early.

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14881 Pine Grove-Volcano Rd
Pine Grove 95665

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