In Piazza della Signoria

Unspeakably gorgeous and ideally located

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Loved by all that stay here, this is a stylish, refined residenza d’epoca with the family’s portraits in the hallway, period furnishings and plenty of knick-knacks to make it feel like home.

I stayed here in 2007. Rooms are nice, though not extraordinary, but the bathroom was something else: wall and ceiling frescoes, marble sink, glass brick and tiled room divider, nice towels and a massive hydromassage bath sunk into the floor with foamy soap provided.

Staff are wonderful to boot. You can enjoy breakfast in the room or in the dinning room, which has a great view of the square. Additionally, there’s air conditioning, free wi-fi and they give guests access to a computer when needed.

At A Glance

Via dei Magazzini 2

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