Illusionist Rick Thomas

Where else can you see a helicopter appear onstage?

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Jaws drop at this amazing magic act, which will leave you scratching your head wondering just how the heck Illusionist Rick Thomas does it. There’s the usual cutting the beautiful lady in half and making things appear and disappear. But a motorcycle that appears and vanishes? People being levitated by seeming thin air? Heck, even a helicopter magically appears and then is gone. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed during the show, so you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

Rick Thomas performed in Las Vegas for 15 years and has performed in more than 50 countries. He engages the audience and talks about himself, especially his dream of being a magician since he was a kid. His show, in fact, emphasizes that nothing happens until you dream. This is a good show for families and just may launch your little ones into dreams of their own.

At A Glance

Andy Williams Performing Arts Center & Theatre, 2500 W. Highway 76
Branson MO
$35-$40 adults, $9 children
At 2 or 8pm on selected dates


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